Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the data sourced?

Data is sourced 'Manually' across 100+ websites, and curated with all the additional information available about the company from various sources.

Which companies are posted on RemoteLy

We are currently listing only Startups that are hiring remotely, across all areas - Sales/Marketing/ Technology & Operations Customer Service etc

How much does it cost to Post?

Pricing for job post is mentioned on the pricing page

How long it takes to Jobs to be active?

We generally approve all job posts in 24 hours

You found a job through RemoteLy's curated newsletter?

If you find a remote job through RemoteLy, do let us know, that will be highly motivating for us to work extra hard further.

Can I request refund?

Unfortunately, not. We do not issue full or partial refunds.

How many jobs can i post?

you can post unlimited job posting, however it will be approved after check/verification

How can i promote Job my post or company?

You can contact us through here

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